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The National Juvenile Justice Network responds to emerging and salient needs in the juvenile justice reform field through a variety of publications. Policy platforms represent the consensus recommendations of the NJJN membership on relevant issues. Fact sheets and research summaries provide NJJN members and the broader field with key information to aid in advocacy efforts. More detailed policy papers are developed by Network working groups and committees, and explore both substantive issues as well as advocacy strategies.  The Network also responds to needs in the field through presentations and articles.

A Selection of Our Most Recent Publications

Charting U.S. Minimum Ages of Jurisdiction, Detention, and Commitment (July 2023)

2022 Youth Policy Advances (April 2023)

Youth Justice in the COVID-19 Pandemic, in partnership with the Center for Children’s Law and Policy, Justice for Families, the Justice Policy Institute, and the National Juvenile Justice Network (February 2023)

Policy Platform: Mapping Transformative Schools: From Punishment to Promise (Public Release, January 2023)

Redesigning Justice: Our Youth Action Agenda (October 2022)

YJAM: Youth Action Agenda Infographic (October 2022)

Mental Health-to-Incarceration Pipeline Infographic
(May 2022)

Mental Health-to-Incarceration Pipeline Infographic Text Only (May 2022)

2021 Youth Policy Advances
(April 2022)

Federal Policy Priorities (July 2020)

Defund Police and Invest in Youth
 (June 2020)

2019 NJJN Member Youth Justice Advances
(June 2020)

Statement Regarding Youth Justice Providers: For Use During COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures; co-authored with the Campaign for Youth Justice and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (April 2020)

Tracking COVID 19 Protections For Justice Involved Youth
(April, 2020)

From “Superpredators” to “Migrant Gang Bangers”: The Criminalization of Young People of Color” one-pager publication
(PDF, PNG) (March 2020) By ILRC and NJJN. Read here.

Reducing Youth Arrests: Prevention and Pre-Arrest Diversion, National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, December 2019. And see our related Infographic "Prevent Youth Arrest."  

Federal Policy Priorities, 116th Congress, (July 22, 2019)

Using Victims of Crime Act Dollars for Restorative Justice (June 2019)

2018 NJJN Member Youth Justice Advances
(May 2019)

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) Fact Sheet Series- Conditions in Youth Facilities
 and our webinar on JJDPA Reauthorization, (February 2019)

Seven Ways to Protect Immigrant Youth Fact Sheet, December 2018, English and Spanish Version

Making Restorative Justice Transformative, December 2018.  And check out these tips on how to fund restorative justice programs

Sex Offense Registration and Related Laws: Treating Youth Fairly, National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, November 2018 (updated). 

"Influencing Candidates for Office Tip Sheet", September 2018

"Empowering Justice-Involved Youth," Youth Justice Leadership Institute Practitioner's Guide, August 2018

"Supporting Immigrant Youth Caught in the Crosshairs of the Justice System," National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, August 2018

"New Zealand's Youth Justice Transformation: Lessons for the United States," National Juvenile Justice Network, April 2018

"Public Health Roadmap to Prevent Car Thefts," National Juvenile Justice Network, April 2018

"Racial Justice Advocacy Toolkit and Resources," National Juvenile Justice Network, April 2018

"2017 Youth Justice Advances," National Juvenile Justice Network, January 2018

"Creating Meaningful Police and Youth of Color Relationships," National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, October 2017

"Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention Act Snapshot," National Juvenile Justice Network, October 2017

"Changing the Narrative: Pushing Back Against Harmful Narratives About Youth of Color," September 2017. This toolkit aims to provide advocates guidance on how to identify harmful media narratives, build relationships with media professionals, and hold the media accountable for its reporting.

"Implicit Bias Snapshot," September 2017. This snapshot will provide a brief overview of this issue as well as resources to find more information.

"Community Supervision: Why it Matters to Public Health," March 2017. Provides a snapshot of research that shows incarceration harms youth, which negatively impacts the safety of communities.

"Snapshot: Civil Citations for Youth," December 2016. Provides a quick overview of civil citation programs, which divert youth from the justice system at the point of arrest and have shown promising results in Florida.

"Reducing the Collateral Consequences of a Delinquency Adjudication," November 2016. This snapshot provides a brief overview of ways to help youth reintegrate successfully into their communities by protecting their confidentiality. 

"The Crime Victims Fund: A Primer for Youth Justice Advocates" - Nov. 2016. This fact sheet from NJJN is a basic primer for youth justice advocates on how the federal Victims of Crime Fund operates and how to direct its resources to high-needs communities that have historically lacked victims' services.

"How to Find and Use Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Information for Juvenile Justice Reform" - toolkit - October 2016. The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program is the primary source of federal funding to state and local jurisdictions for the justice system. Recent changes to guidelines make it easier for youth justice advocates to work to direct some of those monies to prevention, intervention, community-based treatment, and indigent defense for youth -- or, failing that, to track how current grantees are spending the money. 

Snapshot: Dual-Status Youth and Federal Initiatives - October 2016 - Information on federal initiatives designed to help jurisdictdions assist crossover youth in exiting the mazes of the juvenile justice and child welfare systems; plus additional key resources on understanding the population. 

Snapshot: Probation
- August 2016. Critical review of probation supervision and suggested reforms

Confidentiality for Youth in the Justice System, National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, August 2016. See also our recommendations to safeguard the confidentiality of youth in the justice system. 

Snapshot: Addressing the Intersection of Gender and Racial Disparities - April 2016. Recommendations to address the disparate negative impact of the juvenile justice system on girls of color

Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: a Snapshot from the Juvenile Justice Resource Hub - March 2016. Two out of three youth who are released from secure custody don't return to school. Yet education is crucial to their future success.  What can be done? This snapshot covers the barriers they face to completing their education, and suggested policy reforms. 

Open Letter to Our Next President: a Call to Redefine Youth Justice - February 2016. How do we keep our communities safe, ensure the welfare of our children, and guarantee a fair and equitable justice system for all? NJJN joined with eight other justice reform organizations in a letter to our next president, with a detailed vision for making our youth justice system more effective and fairer for all. Review our letter and download our vision here.  

School Discipline & Security Personnel: A Tip Sheet for Advocates on Maximizing School Safety and Student Success, October 2015. 

Engaging Law Enforcement on Youth Justice Reform, September 2015

Confining Youth for Profit, National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, July 2015; see also our policy safeguards to protect youth who are confined in for-profit facilities

Snapshot: Using Re-entry Thinking to Guide Placement, May 2015

Community-Based Supervision: Increased Public Safety, Decreased Expenditures, November 2014

Youth Who Commit Sex Offenses: Two Research Updates, November 2014 

Unchain the Children: Policy Opportunities to End the Shackling of Youth in Court, October 2014

Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice Systems: Promising Practices, September 2014

Reducing Youth Confinement: National Juvenile Justice Network policy platform, August 2014

Social Impact Bonds: Tip Sheet for Juvenile Justice Reformers April 2014

A House Divided No More: Common Cause for Juvenile Justice Advocates, Victim Advocates, and Communities, April 2014

Time for a Check-Up: How Advocates Can Help Youth in the Juvenile Justice System Get the Mental Health Services They Need, Policy Update, January, 2014

"The Comeback and Coming-from-Behind States: An Update on Youth Incarceration in the United States," December 2013

The Comeback States: Reducing Juvenile Incarceration in the United States, June 2013

Funding Community-Based Supervision: Legislative Levers to Lock in Local Funding, May 2013

Toolkit: How to Calculate the Average Costs of Detaining a Youth, May 2013

Toolkit: How to Calculate the Cost of a Youth Arrest (Revised), May 2013

Six Policy Priorities for Juvenile Defense (May 2013) 


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