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1225 S Weller St, Ste 420
Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: 206-322-2444
Fax: 206-381-1742
Web: www.teamchild.org
Twitter: @TeamChild
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamChild

Karen Pillar, Director of Policy and Advocacy 
Phone: 206-322-2444
Email: karen.pillar@teamchild.org

Reyna Rollolazo, Community Engagement and Anti-Racism Manager 
Phone:  206-322-2476
Email:  reyna.rollolazo@teamchild.org

George Yeannakis
Email: george.yeannakis@teamchild.org

Organizational Profile

TeamChild began in 1995 as an innovative partnership between public defenders and civil legal aid attorneys who were frustrated to see children cycle in and out of the juvenile justice system without receiving assistance to address the underlying causes of their delinquency. Since then, TeamChild has been upholding the legal rights of marginalized youth across Washington State by breaking down barriers at the intersection of the education, mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice systems.

TeamChild’s mission and core values feed and support a variety of strategies including direct representation, community education, and policy and systemic advocacy. All of TeamChild’s strategies aim to keep youth out of the juvenile justice system by meeting their needs in the community. Ensuring that youth have a voice in every decision-making arena is a priority. TeamChild is working to strategically eliminate exclusionary school discipline practices that disproportionately impact youth of color, youth with disabilities, and youth living in poverty, and to eliminate the use of the juvenile justice system as the default mental health provider for children struggling with mental health issues. TeamChild also is leading and participating in juvenile justice reform efforts to:

  • Reduce disproportionate presence of youth of color and youth with disabilities in juvenile justice system;
  • Mitigate the negative consequences of juvenile court involvement and incarceration; and
  • Improve the quality and access to legal representation for children.


nick-allen_juvenile-justice-reformNick Allen

Staff Attorney
Columbia Legal Services -- Washington State

Phone: 206.287.9660


Areas of Expertise: Juvenile transfer to adult system and juvenile sentencing in adult system in Washington State.

Bio: Nick Allen is a staff attorney at Columbia Legal Services (CLS). Nick started at CLS in 2010 as an Equal Justice Works Fellow working to address legal financial obligations (LFOs) in Washington State. Following the completion of his fellowship, he was hired as a staff attorney in CLS’s Institutions Project, which represents persons in Washington’s jails and prisons as well as persons returning from those institutions. At CLS, he engages in systemic advocacy, including policy work on LFOs and juvenile sentencing, and class action litigation addressing conditions of confinement for prisoners in Washington State.

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