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NJJN is staffed by hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgable advocates for youth. Looking to join our team? Click here to view current openings and apply today.


NJJN provides a variety of internship opportunities. To find out more about the internships available at NJJN, visit our careers page.


NJJN Members are organizations and Youth Justice Leadership Institute alumni that adhere to NJJN's Nine Principles of reform, pursue systemic juvenile justice reform, speak with an unfettered voice, and work on multiple issue areas. Learn more about the services we provide our members.


NJJN Affiliates are organizations that meet some, but not all, of the full criteria for membership and would benefit from a closer connection to NJJN and its membership. 


NJJN Allies are individuals who support the work of NJJN but are ineligible for membership or affiliation either because they are not part of an organization or coalition or because they do not fit the membership and affiliate criteria. Apply to be an ally.


NJJN Partners are national organizations that agree to support NJJN and its membership in their collective pursuit of the fair and appropriate treatment of youth in conflict with the law. 

For more information on becoming a member, affiliate, ally or partner of NJJN, download our membership information sheet or e-mail us at info@njjn.org.