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What It Means to "Defund Police" and Invest in Youth

June 29, 2020
Courtney M. McSwain

As a network of organizations and individuals committed to anti-racism, the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) has long recognized that our systems of policing and justice are rooted in and have grown out of white supremacy. In the wake of recent incidents of police brutality and current uprisings, it is clear that calls for reform are not enough. NJJN stands with the call from our members for wide-scale defunding of police and reinvestment in communities of color. Now is the time to confront the racist roots of the youth justice system and push for a new vision of justice that supports Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.  
NJJN is in the process of engaging with our members to put forth a new vision of justice. As we begin this work, we have compiled some of the core demands that our members and allies have called for in the wake of recent uprising 
DownloadWhat it Means to ‘Defund Police’ and Invest in Youth.”  

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