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NJJN Welcomes Two New Organizational Members

March 24, 2017

Welcome CDF-NY and MCU-MO

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The National Juvenile Justice Network is pleased to welcome the Children’s Defense Fund - New York (CDF-NY) as a member of our communityCDF-NY comes to NJJN with a rich history of youth advocacy and is currently one of the lead organizations of the Raise the Age–New York campaign.

Through ongoing advocacy and analysis of policies impacting justice-impacted youth, CDF-NY advocates to ensure all youth are treated in age-appropriate ways by the justice system. The Children’s Defense Fund–New York is mindful of the justice systems’ impact on youth of color, the majority of whom are boys and young men, while additionally directing attention to the often overlooked needs of girls and LGBTQ youth, by advocating for appropriate policies, supports and interventions for all youth.

“We know the well-being of children hurt by our justice system as well as the health of our communities depends upon the swift enactment of comprehensive youth justice reform,” said Beth Powers CDF-NY’s Director of Youth Justice.  “We are excited to join NJJN’s advocacy community to both share with and learn from the community to best position CDF-NY to push for reform in New York.”

To learn more about CDF-NY’s work relating to youth in the juvenile and adult justice system as well as youth impacted by exclusionary school discipline policies, we encourage you to explore their website


Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) joins the National Juvenile Justice Network as its newest Missouri member

As a faith based organization, MCU  has long advocated for Missouri’s youth and communities, most recently launching a “Break the Pipeline” campaign which seeks to reduce criminalization of black youth, develop a coordinated system of care for black youth, and call for public accountability of those in positions of power driving these institutions.

“We believe that individually and together our congregations have a right and responsibility to act for the common good, and that the greatest gift we can give to the community are congregations transformed by faith in action through our care for the community around us,” said Dietra Wise. “We are excited to bring a faith perspective to the National Juvenile Justice Network and look forward to engaging with members across the country to continue to push for justice for our nation’s youth.”

This year, MCU is actively organizing parents in the community to push for restorative justice in schools, enact protective memoranda of understanding between police and schools, increase community engagement in the justice process, and raise the age of jurisdiction in Missouri to 18.  To learn more about MCU’s work on we encourage you to explore website.



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