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May 2022 Roundup

May 31, 2022
Courtney M. McSwain

NJJN Campaigns

#RaisetheFloor #UncuffKids
A campaign to raise the minimum age of juvenile court jurisdiction across the states. NJJN endorses a minimum age of court jurisdiction of 14, in alignment with the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. See our latest policy platform, toolkit and resources page. 

#ShutDownSequel #StopSequel 
A campaign to shut down the for-profit youth facility management company, Sequel Youth and Family Services. NJJN Members and partners with information or interested in investigating Sequel in your state, please email info@njjn.org 


  • NJJN Webinar: Our 2021 Youth Policy Advances brings into collective focus how far we’ve come in our fight for youth justice transformation and what’s possible when we work collaboratively through community organizing, policy advocacy and narrative change. It also provides a roadmap to see where we need further action. Last year, the NJJN community was able to make some tremendous gains. Please join us on Tuesday, June 21st at 1 pm ET to hear from four of our members from around the country about legislation that they advanced and to strategize on getting work done in tough years. Register.  

  • Survey: Please complete this five minute survey administered by the Youth Justice Initiatives (YJI) at the Columbia Justice Lab. YJI has launched the "New Narratives” project to gather and share information with people and groups around the country who are looking to 1) combat the regressive and harmful youth justice narratives resurfacing nationally and 2) elevate positive, progressive, evidence-based narratives about crime, incarceration, racial equity, and community resources that center youth and families. The project is currently conducting a narrative survey about both "good" and "bad" narratives prevalent in the current public discourse on youth justice. The survey will take five minutes to complete. Respond now.  

  • Report: Mijente and the #NoTechforICE campaign released Tracked and Trapped: Experiences from ICE Digital Prisons, a new report featuring powerful personal testimonies from people subjected to electronic ankle shackles, facial recognition surveillance, and geolocation tracking via ICE’s punitive electronic monitoring program, ISAP (Intensive Supervision Appearance Program). The report highlights the excruciating physical and psychological toll that ISAP takes on immigrant communities and demonstrates that electronic monitoring is not an “alternative to detention” — it is an extension of it. Read more.  

  • Virtual Event: Think Big: A Narrative Learning Community — co-hosted by Topos Partnership and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities — brings together local, state and national advocates across issue areas to think big, learn together, and share strategies on using narrative to create change. Join the June 2nd kickoff conversation with Dorian T. Warren, president of Community Change, co-chair of the Economic Security Project and co-host of System Check. We are often part of debates that center on how much change is the right amount of change. If we aim too far, do we trigger backlash? If we aim too small, do we really change anything? In the current context, what does it mean to “Think Big”? Our conversation will explore these questions and more and will allow you — as part of the Learning Community — to help us shape the questions we need to tackle together to work toward reimagining our future. Register.  

Share your news in next month's roundup! Send articles to mcswain@njjn.org 

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