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Key Win for Community Alternatives to Incarceration in Maine

October 31, 2019
Courtney M. McSwain

Hat’s off to our member, 
Maine Center for Juvenile Policy and Law (MCJPAL) for its work on a statewide task force set to examine alternatives to youth incarceration.   

Jill Ward, MCJPAL Project Manager, serves as one of three co-chairs of the task force. “Getting this task force established was important because of its potential impact on how money will be allocated toward services for system-involved youth,” says Ward. “We’re hoping this gives us a good roadmap for building a continuum of care for system-involved youth that emphasizes community alternatives over incarceration.”  

The task force – established in May of this year – represents the coming together of multiple stakeholders, including state legislators, Maine’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Group and the Department of Corrections. “This was an innovative collaboration of multiple system players who wanted to problem solve and not duplicate efforts,” Ward says.   

The Center on Children’s Law and Policy is leading the task force’s research and analysis efforts and is expected to deliver a report with recommendations in early 2020. To learn more about the Maine Juvenile Justice System Assessment & Reinvestment Task Force, visit: https://www.mainejjtaskforce.org/  

In addition to the task force, Maine youth justice advocates also celebrated the passage of several youth justice bills around restitution, record confidentiality and restorative justice. A summary of important legislation here 

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