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Arnovits Gutsy Award

May 12, 2017

The Beth Arnovits Gutsy Advocate for Youth Award 2017



To honor individual advocates for youth justice who embody the tenacity, vision, fearlessness and wisdom of Beth Arnovits. 
Elizabeth (Beth) J. Arnovits (1950-2011), Executive Director of the Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency for 36 years and one of the founders of NJJN, spent most of her life working to reform the justice system for both youth and adults. Beth’s heart for second chances made a huge difference in the lives of youth, and her adventurous approach to life inspired those who worked beside her. Before she died, she received recognition as a Greater Lansing Woman of the Year 2011 Finalist. NJJN is honored to announce this award in remembrance of Beth, who was nothing if not gutsy. 


The nominee should:
1. Use advocacy as a key tool to effectively promote fair treatment of youth in trouble with the law.
2. Be stalwart in his/her advocacy and engaged in the battle over the long haul.
3. Promote the national movement for reform as well as conduct state-based work.
4. Be a mentor to others in the field.
5. Be a trailblazer in their reform movement.
6. Use advocacy for the purpose of juvenile justice prevention, community-based alternatives, and/or coalition building.
7. Either be, or be aligned with, a current NJJN member (either state organizational member or Youth Justice Leadership Institute member). 
Who can Nominate a Gutsy Youth Advocate?

*Nominations must come from a NJJN member (either state organizational member or Youth Justice Leadership Institute member) or NJJN partner. 
*Anyone affiliated with a member or partner organization may nominate themselves for the award. 
*No more than two people can nominate any one person.

Awardees Receive

1. Presentation of a plaque at the Forum.
2. Travel and hotel expenses covered to come to the Forum, if these otherwise wouldn’t be covered.
3. Assistance with garnering local press for themselves and their organizations around receipt of the award.
4. National press release sent out by NJJN. 
5. A dedicated page on the NJJN website honoring the recipient with a brief video, where feasible. 
How to Nominate Someone

Please submit your written nominations via email to info@njjn.org by 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, May 18, 2017.
All submissions should include the following information:
1. With what organization is the nominee affiliated?
2. How does the nominee use advocacy to effectively promote the fair treatment of youth in trouble with the law?
3. How long has the nominee been engaged in the battle for change? 
4. What has the nominee done to move the movement forward on a national level?
5. How has the nominee mentored others in the field?
6. How has the nominee been a trailblazer in the juvenile justice reform state or national fields?
NJJN’s Membership Advisory Council will review all nominations and select the winner.  

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